Yohimbine HCL for Fat Loss – Primer 101

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Part 1 – Understanding the Process of Fat Loss and Metabolism

Part 2 – Understanding the Role of Yohimbine HCL in this Process
Does it work differently in Men VS Women ?
Does it work differently for the Obese and “Normal Healthy” Individuals
What is the difference between Yohimbine Tree Bark and Yohimbine HCL ?
Which one do we take ?

Part 3 – Understanding Oral VS Injectable Administration of Yohimbine HCL

Part 4 – How to use Oral Yohimbine HCL for Fat Loss
Recommended Dosage ?
With Fat Meal or without ?

Part 5 – Risk Profile of this Supplement.
Can Yohimbine kill you ?
What is the Lethal Dosage ?

Part 6 – Any other benefits we can leverage?

Sourcing recommendation