YK – 11- SARM Or Anabolic Steroid And How Does It Work Audio

SuperHuman Radio with Carl Lanore

Every so often a compound shows up in the sports/muscle/strength space that inspires fantasies of almost Dr. Jekyl – Mr. Hyde like transformations. YK-11 appears to be that new compound. It’s considered a SARM. A Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator because it appears to activate portions of the androgen receptor. But is it in fact an androgenic and anabolic steroid? It finds its origins in a form of nor-pregnenolone. It seems to have a DHT-like effect as well. But more fascinating is another pathway of action. It appears to build muscle by suppressing myostatin through the follistatin pathway. Perhaps finally delivering on the dreams of unbridled muscle gains. But what of the unwanted effects?

Is it safe?