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” I tried YK11 20mg 50 days and I got very happy with results (no other gear on). I noticed my libido was more then fine and my come was much more then usual.

Then I got 2 female friends of mine who used YK11 15mg 30 days, very good results but both missed their period.

So I am trying to understand how YK11 “collides” with sexual balance, both in men and women.

Can you help me please? ”

Just understanding what Yk-11 is answers this

YK-11 was chemically derived from ethisterone a steroidal progestin (as stated in the methodology section of the 2011 paper by Kanno Y et al

Ethisterone is a 17beta-hydroxy steroid that is testosterone in which the 17beta hydrogen is replaced by an ethynyl group.

Ethisterone was the first orally active progestin and is a metabolite of Danazol.

YK-11 also bares some chemical resemblance to steroidal progestin Norethynodrel which was the first female oral contraceptive

Due to this derivation, Yk-11 will likely possess the ability to bind and activate or inhibit progestogen receptors.

” Loss of Period” does not sound surprising at all to me.. given all this.

You just dont understand what you are taking

Victor Black