Why use Skype for one on one Coaching .. isnt email better ?

If you are Mike Mentzer and your Training Program is the “Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty Program”

Here is how it works

You have the entire Program well Documented

and you have all the commonly asked questions well documented

and you can support your clients via email

Because when they have a question.. its a question you probably get a lot, so you go get the answer, that you probably answer a lot and you send it back to them in an email .. done

Sure occasionally you get a curve ball.. but most of time its copy paste because of the limitations of the dialogue are so finite

That works fabulously well for Mike Mentzer ( or did )

Here is how I work

Hi John

How can I help you ?

and the dialog begins..

Email just does not lend itself to that style of coaching..

We need to sit down and talk, face to face.. as it were on skype

and if you would like me to record the conversation so you can have a record of what we discussed you can listen back on, if you are not good at taking notes,.. I can sure

Hope that makes sense

Email is great for cookie cutter, we are all going to do Mike Mentzers Heavy Duty..

It does not work for

Hi John

How can I help you ?

and the dialog begins..

Hopefully when you think about this it makes sense

If you want a cookie cutter training program, where everyone gets that exact same program like you do when use “Heavy Duty”

Here is one


Just understand everyone gets the same program and the same answers, this is my ” cookie cutter” there is nothing really wrong with that, provided you understand that is what it is.. a cookie cutter that you give everyone that exact same thing..

Now lets extend that idea..

Would it be possible to offer a service where you helped guys and guys with ” acne management ” via email..

Maybe they send in some photos and ask their questions ?

Sure why not, I can see that

Most questions will be the same over and over again


Can you imagine a General Practitioner offering email based consults ?

How can I help you today Sally ?

Most emails are going to end in go see your Dr

Now it becomes a total mess.. impossible to execute practically.

Victor Black

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