Why are Testosterone Proprionate Injections are so painful, even if done “correctly” ?

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” Evidence-based recommendations for Intramuscular Injections ”

One of the chapters deals with the 5 factors that can cause pain at the point of IM Injection Administration

To minimize post-injection pain, several important factors need to first be considered

Needle length, gauge
Volume of injection
Injection site
Injection technique, including speed of injection
The chemical composition of the drug/solution being used
Massage and Manual Pressure

Let’s look at the Concentration of the “Active Hormone” part of point 4, the chemical composition of the drug/solution being used

so to answer the heading of this post…

Do you know why Testosterone Proprionate Injections are so painful, even if done “correctly” ?

If we look at the preparation of Testosterone Propionate by legitimate pharmaceutical companies, we see that the maximum concentration normally produced is 50mg/ml.

‚ÄčThe Testolic Product show below is 50mg/ml ( 100mg/ 2ml ) this is done for a reason !










AAS Hormones that are partnered with short esters – Acetate, Propionate etc have a much higher melting point that those that have with medium length esters – Enanthate, Cypionate, or longer Esters Decanoate, etc and thus are more difficult to make as concentrated.

Although Testosterone Propionate can easily be made at 100mg/ml without crashing out of solution, it does take ” more Solvent” to do so..

The consequence of that action is that once injected, the higher level solvents tend to leach out of the solution faster than we want, at least faster than the Carrier Oil can leave the site of administration.

and this means we are left with higher levels of oil and hormone in the muscle than ideal without the solvents required to suspend them and so some of the hormones crashes out of solution creating “crystals”

These are the same crystals you will see in a vial where the Hormone has come out of suspension – see image below. Note the Test Prop in the image was 200mg/ml – no wonder it crashed.

These crystals are what causes the pain.

Unfortunately for us the process will also involve inflammation of the area and the inflammation prolongs the entire process of ” recovery” this is why it can take several days to fully recover from a Test P shot that ” crashes on you”

What was the maximum concentration of Testosterone Proprionate typically produced by Licensed Pharmaceutical Companies?


And your Test Prop that is causing pain ?

100mg/ml, 200mg/ml ?

There is a “reason” that you will find much higher concentrations of Hormone per ml from UGLs than from Licensed Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

This is it.

Takeaway ?

If once you have “mastered the art of administration” you are still experiencing Pain on admin, the only real factor left is to lower the concentration per mg

The maximum normal concentration that can be achieved before pain is experienced is what Pharmagrade Manufacturers supply

Victor Black