Which Blood Pressure Meds ?

So you have done the right thing and gone out and purchased a Blood Pressure Monitor, your regularly testing.. kudos to you..

and you find your AAS use has driven you into Hypertension.

What next ?

Well we have a plan – structured laid out, that starts with a review of compound selection and dosages but honestly ultimately if you are like me you are still going to have an issue here despite your best efforts..

So the plan eventually falls to medication either via your Medical Provider or self-administered.

Here is the Treatment Plan I follow, after I have deployed ” best practice” re dietary practices, compound selection and supplementation

( Albuminuria is a pathological condition wherein the protein albumin is abnormally present in the urine )

*An ACE inhibitor (ACEi) or ARB is suggested to treat hypertension for patients with UACR 30–299 mg/g creatinine and strongly recommended for patients with UACR ≥300 mg/g creatinine.

**Thiazide-like diuretic; long-acting agents shown to reduce
cardiovascular events, such as chlorthalidone and indapamide, are preferred.

***Dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker.

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