Where you apply your ” TRT Cream” matters a lot

The bioavailability of testosterone creams via the scrotal skin is striking higher than for abdominal skin.

Using the same testosterone cream and steroid LC-MS assay measurements, in this study aCmax (4.6 ng/mL, 16.0 nM) was achieved with the lowest dose(12.5 mg) applied to the scrotal skin whereas applying 100 mg testosterone cream to the abdominal skin produced a Cmax of16.3 nmol/L (4.7 ng/mL).

This suggests an about eightfold increase in testosterone bioavailability, using the scrotal com-pared with abdominal skin routes.

This has useful practical implications given the wide between-person variability in der-mal bioavailability with application to truncal skin.

Takeaway ?

Put your Test Cream on your Balls if you want the best bang for your buck.

Victor Black