What’s your take on hair loss and finastride or is it better to take something else to help with DHT? Thank you
To understand the answer to this question
You must first understand this..
1, Do Steroids make you Bald ?
So is it DHT that causes the miniaturization of Hair Folices ?
No, not directly anyway..
Rather, DHT is a co-mediator of tissue dermal sheath thickening, perifollicular fibrosis, and calcification – three chronic, progressive conditions that remodel androgenic alopecia-prone tissues – restricting follicle growth space, oxygen, and nutrient supply – leading to the slow, persistent hair follicle miniaturization characterized in Androgenic Alopecia.
So in other words..
If you are predisposed to this condition.. yes increasing DHT artificially is probably going to contribute to or accelerate the process yes .. but its not the direct cause of AA .. no
So then you must ask is Finasteride of Dudasteride better ?
Dutasteride VS Finasteride, how do they stack up against each other ?
and then you have to ask…
So are the any bad side effects to using DHT Blockers..
Sexual Dysfunction ? yes
Cognitive Dysfunction ? yes
Elevated Cardiac Disease Risk ? yes
Penis Shrinkage ? That one is a maybe ..
In Rats yes..

In Men ” maybe” .. some reports of this…

So they might good for you Hair.. sure..

So AA is a very complicated and controversial topic where you will find many expert opinions.. my opinion is if you are going to be impacted by AA then the use of AAS will likely accelerate that process.. yes.. very likely..
But if youre not going to be impacted by AA ” naturally” then using AAS very moderately is not likely to make it better or worse..
High level Androgen Use and you should plan on losing your Hair in the process and if you get lucky you get lucky..
Anecdotally we can look at the Household names we all know from the Bodybuilding World Stage.. IMO no more or no less a % of high profile Bodybuilders than representative of the general public that seem to be affected by AA.. for what that type of observation is worth..
As an FYI I actually shave my head..

I started to see a receding Hair Line a couple of years ago.. its only going to get worse.. and rather than fight I decided to just get rid of it.
Victor Black

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