The number one reason I don’t like Nandrolone only cycles is what it might be doing to your Brain

Let’s start by understanding why Nandrolone is considered the Hair friendly steroid.

When the 5aplha reductase enzyme acts upon the Nandrolone molecule it is not converted to DHT, rather it is converted to another Androgen that is even less Androgrenic that Nandrolone

That for your hair is a great thing !

Unlike Testosterone which effectively upregulated into DHT

Nandrolone is effectively downregulated into the molecule dihyro19nortestosterone.

Here is where the benefits and the problems start.


DHT is not the enemy

Remove DHT from our biology and all sorts of shit starts to present itself.

Everything from Penis shrinkage to Erectile Dysfunction – and just so we are clear that happens without Nandrolone even being in play

Just the introduction of a DHT Blocker can do this to some men, some of the time

The idea of my junk changing shape is not exactly appealing but even more scary to me is what a DHT blocker like Finasteride can do to your brain !

Biochemically there are three 5 α-reductase isotype enzymes, and it is established that they are all present in various structures of the brain (Aumuller et al., 1996; Azzouni, Godoy, Li, & Mohler, 2011; Eicheler, Dreher, Hoffmann, Happle, & Aumuller, 1995).

Production of neurosteroids occurs in the central nervous system from adrenal and gonadal steroids (Reddy, 2010).

The synthesis of these endogenous regulators requires the presence of Testosterone and 5-α reductase, and finasteride has been shown to inhibit its biosynthesis in DHT sensitive tissue like the Prostate and the Scalp and the Brain !

There are a limited number of studies that have explored the effects of testosterone on brain activity. However, the role of testosterone in brain organization and sexual development is established as well as its importance as a cognitive modulator in the brain either by being converted to DHT and binding to androgen receptors or being transformed into estrogen by aromatase enzymes (Beauchet, 2006; Hampson, 1995; Janowsky, 2006).

Androgen and aromatase receptors are found in areas of the brain such as the hippocampus and amygdala and are involved in both learning and memory (Janowsky, 2006).

Finasteride acts to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT thereby changing its circulating levels of these hormones in the brain

Go read the literature on what Finasteride can do to your Brain its sort scary for those that value their brain like I do

Now follow that up with the question

Why would replacing a drug like T with a drug that does not convert to DHT be a good thing for your Brain?

We have limited evidence here… agreed 100 percent 

Really just fragments

Observationally? Man this is a hard one

But I can say this

Every single guy that has ever been a strong advocate of Nandrolone only cycles

Lee Preist ( although he used T at times )
Robbie Robinson
Mike Mentzer

all of them, down to a Man were not quite right if you know what I mean. Listen to them speak and they are all just a little crazy

” But Victor you dumb arse we use Dbol for that ! “

Ah ok I understand so your lifetime strategy for replacing T here involves using an Oral Steroid known to be Liver Toxic, that hits HDL hard every day for decades.

” No Victor you dumb arse not decades !

We dont think that far ahead ! “

haha ok I understand…

Listen if DBol was a viable TRT alternative it would be in clinical practice now.

Yes it once was, and it was withdrawn from use..

The idea that we have the perfect Oral TRT drug candidate that does all we need here without long term consequences of use and its sitting right under our noses? haha really ?

You really think you have worked that out but the research community missed the ball here haha


I don’t remove T from my cycles for a reason my brain and my penis BTW needs it !

and it’s NOT liver toxic and its impact of HDL is tiny around 2- 3 Percent.

Victor Black