Wow I was just asked perhaps the best question I have ever been asked

And I am very grateful for having been asked it because I have never thought about it.. and I realize I need to spend more time increasing my advantage here

Here is the question

” Victor ,

You have said many times that there are 6 or so guys that you recognize as “competitors” to what you do…

So what makes you different to them, what is your unique proposition that sets you apart ? ”

Wow great question.. great question


1, there are a group of guys that have written the most wonderful resources over the years that I value massively but their weakness is they wrote on say HGH for example and that is all the wrote on.. so its an island of great content on one compound

I dont really see that as competition, just a great resource and you should read it my all means

2, there are a group of guys that have created resources based on their academic understanding on the subject and they have zero personal use experience included

There is a new book coming out and i have only read one page.. pre print someone shared it with me and I agreed with all the technical content and then application notes where just silly

ie ” Primobolan is a weak Steriod”

Ah not its not, its plenty strong enough for our needs and your telling guys that its weak is IMO going to do more harm that good, because guys re weak and think well that is not for me !

What you should have said is Primobolan is the Gold Standard of Safer Use compounds, and the compound against which all others should be compared for safety and efficacy.

Academic skills in abundance, litterally zero hands on experience in the real world application of these drugs

I dont really see that as competition, just a great resource and you should read it. I will when it is published sure.

so that leaves us with the few true competitors

and their great weakness is ironically also mine at this time, but something I am working on

All of these guys present content principally in video or podcast format.

and the video they make cover dozens of interesting points in one video

ie you cant go anywhere and ask ” what does X have to say about Y” and find all he has to say on Y in one place.. you need to spend hours looking.. and then you are probably going to miss some..

In order to find what X thinks about Y you need to listen to every resource they have ever made from start to finish which is an insane amount of work.

This is what I am working on now.. ” modules” on X that contain multiple chapters and resources in one place

I have a long way to go , but compared to anyone else in the World, I am miles in front, in fact I am not sure they will ever be able to offer that just by virtue of the way their historical material are stored.. ie Q & A videos

Honestly that is my unique proposition

Eventually you will have access to everything in one place..

you will not have to listen to 200 hours of content to hear everything I have ever written or said about Y

I cant see anyone else pulling that off.. their content is too dispersed.. accross so many platforms from forums to groups to youtube to and and and

IMO you need to get access to everything in one place.

That is what I am working towards.. and yes I have a way to go

but I will get there without doubt

I dont think they can.,. because of they way much of their content is today.. ie Q& A videos.. on all manner or topics in the same video IMO that is very difficult to index in a useable format

Most of the posts, most of the video I make are about Y.. and another post or video about Z

That means I can index it.. I just need to do it better..

Working on it, and you have lifetime access so you will see that day..

Victor Black