An article on Nandrolone Use in TRT appearing in Muscular Development from Mark Myhal, Ph.D and Rick Collins, Esq.

Primary Value point IMO from the article is

If you are interested in what the consensus for using an ARB or ACE-i for the mitigation of Angiotensin II elevation secondary to Androgen Use is then read this article

3. Would the concurrent use of an ACEi or ARB reduce the risk of potential long-term cardiac dysfunction via ANG II when taken with nandrolone or AAS in general?

We hear from

• George “Dr. T.” Touliatos, MD* (GT)
• Dan Gwartney, MD* (DG)
• Victor Prisk, MD* (VP)
• Guillermo Escalante, DSc* (GE)
• Scott “Fortitude Training” Stevenson, Ph.D.* (SS)
• Eric Serrano, MD* (ES)
• Coach Victor Black* (VB)

Are the studies of abusive doses of nandrolone alone, or when combined with testosterone, relevant to its clinical use for HRT/age management or gender dysphoria, or its use in low to moderate doses for cosmetic/anabolic enhancement?

What are the risks of nandrolone in these contexts, and what is its proper role?

We presented four questions on the subject to a panel of well-known AAS experts, including some familiar MD columnists: