What is and is NOT included in Master Class Membership

Trying to help you with the setting of expectations here.

The good news is by the time you get to ” enhanced” hopefully you have had some exposure to other Educational Content Providers Online.

The best example I can offer here is the exceptional content that John Meadows puts out at https://mountaindogdiet.com/

I have been a Member of Johns site

He charges $19.99 USD a month for pay as you go Membership and IMO there is real value there.

I think it’s fair to say our sites are NOT competitive sites, John is not really Enhancement Focused, sure yes agreed there are some Enhancement Videos on his site just as there are “some” Training Videos on mine.

For the most part, my site is Enhancement Focused, for the most part.

I can’t recommend John’s site highly enough, the content is solid and John is the “nicest guy” in Bodybuilding.

Now to the point I am making..

If you are a Member of Johns’s site can you ask him questions ie 1 on 1?


If you are a Member of Johns site does that include free Coaching and Consults?



If you are a Member of his site are there ” at extra cost items” like his Training Programs and Ebooks that he sells?




If you are a Member of https://mountaindogdiet.com/ do you get the Mountain Dog Traning App for free?

No, the App is an extra $29,99 a month

Mountain Dog App

If you are a Member of https://mountaindogdiet.com/ does he give any Granite Supplements for free?



IMO if you understand what John is offering.. and you have read and watched all the free content I make.

That is the best way I can explain what is and is not on offer here, it follows the same well-established, and well-understood business model. 

Master Class is just $30 USD a month and that gives you access to Master Class.

and Yes just like John I will have additional items you can purchase if you are interested they will include my Merchandise, Consults, Coaching, and “Stand Alone Plans”


Does Membership to Master Class include Membership to our sister site EnhancedWomen.com ?



Does Membership to Master Class include Membership to our sister site PrepCoachAcademy ?


Prep Coach Academy will open 1st June 2021

Thank you