We don’t talk in terms of CC’s we use mg/ml.

A Master Class Member made a comment today that I want to clarify.

He said he was surprised by my advocacy of Injectable L-Carnitine due to the ” volume of the injection” required for effective use.

” knowing that I promote “low volume” ”

Let me just clarify.

Often you will hear guys that are new to this game talk in terms of CC or ml of product.

IE I take 2 CC of Test

All these compounds come in various ” concentrations”

We don’t talk in terms of CC’s we use the mg load.

1CC, 2CC, 3CC meaningless unless you know how many mg are in a CC


















We dont talk about ” 1 x Tab of Proviron ”

we say 25mg of Proviron

There is no significant reason for me to promote “concentrations” that are low volume

I don’t promote ” low volume”

I promote “low dosages”

at 1cc of Test at 500mg/cc is NOT better for you health-wise that 2 x cc at 250mg/cc

in the same way that 2 x 25mg Tablets of Proviron are not worse for you that 1 x 50mg Tablet.


mg NOT CC or ml

mg NOT “Tablets”

If you hear someone say

” I take 2 cc of ” that is a guarantee they are a beginner

Victor Black