Victor Black Bio

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Victor Black is an interesting blend of Old School Amateur Bodybuilder and next generation Evidence Based Trainer.

He could perhaps best be described as an “Evidence Based Bro”, with a heavy focus on real world practical application of knowledge.

He has little time or tolerance for knowledge as “ trivia” and has a training philosophy that if we can’t successfully apply new information coming out of Science Research towards outcomes then leave it alone and get on with what we know works from over 50 years of Observational Evidence and Practical Experience. He places “outcomes” over “what we think we know” might work.

Victor is a Husband, a Father, a Grandfather and a Business Owner and lives in Northern Thailand. He is a regular competitor on the South East Asian Bodybuilding Circuit.

Victor is 5’11” tall and has a stage weight of approximately 104kg or 229 pounds.

He has been Training for over 3 decades and competing for 26 years. Initially as a Natural Athlete at a time when there were no Natural Federations in his part of the World and most recently as an Enhanced Masters Class Athlete.

Victor is totally transparent about his AAS and Ancillary Compound use as part of his attempt at Education of up and coming young Competitors that choose the Enhanced Athlete Pathway.

Victor is currently preparing for the 2020 Over 50’s World Masters including the Over 50 Mr Universe. or email

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