There are a number of regulatory changes that are coming our way in 2020 that readers might be interested in
This week the USA introduced new legislation to ban SARMs and related PEDs:
I actually agree with this 100{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16}
There is no reason that SARMs should be exempt any laws that apply to Steroidal SARMs – ban them all or let them through..
Pick one side of the fence.. they are all PEDs and all have consequence of use not very different to each other
“By placing SARMs on the same schedule as other anabolic steroids, we’re ensuring a safer and more transparent marketplace. Most of these products are being sold as dietary supplements when they actually work like other steroids. This should not be the case. SARMs need to go through the proper channel to guarantee safety and efficacy. Consumers deserve to know any risks associated with these substances, and the correct scheduling coupled with further DEA oversight will ensure that,”