Understanding Compromise

Understanding Compromise

Do I believe there is a ” Perfect Bodybuilding Model” ?

Well yes actually, I do

and if you where to hand over your life to me for a while, lets say you where to come and live in Thailand for 3 months and you said I will eat anything, I will do anything you tell me to do, I would start you on exactly that model.
What would that look like ?
Well 2 Training Sessions a day
The first AM fasted cardio, the second PM Resistance Training
5 – 6 meals a day depending on your size
50gm Protein and 500 Calories per Meal
1 x Egg and Oatmeal meal
1 x Chicken Wrap Meal
1 x Salmon and Rice Meal
1 x Whey Protein following Training
1 x Beef and Potatoes Meal
20 + different fruits and vegetables a day including…
some dark berries
some leafy greens
some garlic and onions
some Cruciferous vegetables
Measuring out every Meal you eat to the right Macros I set..
Minimal possible Stress levels – ie Meditation, Relaxation Exercises
Massage 1 – 2 times per week
High Quality Sleep Hygiene 8 hours quality sleep a night + 1 hours nap following training
A willingness to use at least 6 different classes of drugs in much smaller amounts than you might think – Steroids, rHGH, Insulin, Metabolic Modulator, Catalysts and Buffers.
No “high stress” PEDs eg Methylated Orals
No Smoking, No Drinking, No Recreational Drugs
Do all this and I promise you will grow like a weed, as in money back guarantee
Now the problem ?
” I dont want to eat that way “
” Do I really have to measure all my Meals”
” Isnt 80 percent of the Targets you set ” close enough”
” I don’t like Salmon ” .. ok that is fair enough
” I stress myself out all day over things that are trivial in the grand scheme of things” ( if you are on an active tour of duty you are excused haha )
” I sleep like dogshit “
” I dont have the budget”
” I dont have the time”
” I like to drink on the weekends ”

all understandable.. as long, provided that, you understand what the word “comprise” means..
Every increment you take, you take an Increment.
And so we begin ” compromise”

Victor Black