The lens you see the World through….

One of the most difficult parts of being a Coach is dealing with the ” I dont know how you do it Victor” type comments…

I am honest and transparent in all things…

I don’t know how you do it !

These are a few samples of the 6 meals I will eat today for my ” competition diet”

This is what it takes…

Is this a burden ? not for me, yes it takes time I agree..

Time management.. yes.. you have to get organised agreed

But I am not hungry, not yet… to be fair its still 16 weeks out..

And if I did not eat this… ok … but then what am I going to eat ?

5 – 6 different Protein Sources every day 
5 – 6 different Carb Sources every day 
20 different Vegetables every day

The most common thing I see in this game is guys trying to find short cuts…

This ironically this is the shortest short cut there is…

Yes I also wasted my time trying to eat like a civilian and deluding myself that 2 – 3 Protein Shakes a day was ” enough”

Its not.. its not…

That message is the message from Supplement Companies..

Real food.. that tastes good.. its the shortest path from A to B and learning to use it is the most powerful tool we have

When you are dieting caloric restriction is going to do the lions share of the work here… Pharmacological Fat Burners contribute sure, but if I had to pick one ? haha

When you are Growing ?

Well you wont be Growing without it…

And at some point when you have been doing it ” long enough”

I promise you will think ” what the fuck was I thinking”