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Courses as at Week ending 6th June 2020 

How to Do Intramuscular Injections

Red Blood Cell ( Hematocrit ) Elevation consequential to Testosterone Therapy

Understanding Esters

AAS induced Male Infertility

Understanding Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin’s Function in Bodybuilding

What does Insulin Resistance or Insulin Sensitivity Mean ?

Does using rHGH increase Insulin Resistance ?

The effect of 5 hours sleep per night vs 10 hours sleep per night on Insulin Sensitivity.

MK-677 and Insulin Resistance


Fasted Blood Glucose Levels, from ” Pre-diebetic” to ” very good” takes a few weeks..

Posts as at Week ending 6th June 2020


Why is TRT Use Banned in ” Natural Competition”



DHT is NOT the enemy…


Understanding Prolactin Elevation 101

Prolactin Control 101 – First line of Action

Gynecomastia cause and Treatment model ?

Gynecomastia is the result of an imbalance of the Hormonal stimulatory inputs and the inhibitory inputs on Breast Tissue

Using Melatonin in collaboration with Noladex might be more effective at treating Gynacomestia

Genetic variants of Estrogen Beta and Leptin Receptors may cause Gynecomastia

Hair Loss Questions


What’s your take on hair loss and finastride or is it better to take something else to help with DHT?


Will Steroids make you go Bald ?


Dutasteride VS Finasteride, how do they stack up against each other ?

HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin


Using HCG on Cycle ? 



rHGH – Recombinant Human Growth Hormone


Metabolic Modulators

Blood Pressure Medications

Telmisartan – a ARB and a Peroxisome Proliferator Receptor Angonist


Serious Liver Injury caused by SARMs – New Study Published March 2020


Is there anything for my wife you can recommend that is over the counter and “safe for women” and will improve body composition in a meaningful way.


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