If you know what you are talking about you can tell how much a guy knows by the way he talks about adverse events

I see this concept stated over and over

” that study is flawed” they gave 10 x the dosage we would ever use over 2 years – who would use it like that. ”

Read that as ” I dont understand Pharmacology Toxicity Studies ”

Just about every drug you use today has passed this format of Toxicology Testing


Chronic toxicity testing It is a long term toxicity study that last as long as the life-span of the test animals usually 1–2 years. Rodents such as mice and rats are usually used.

Chronicity factor gives an indication of the cumulative effects of poisons. It is the ratio of acute LD50 to 1–2 years LD50. This type of test can be conducted on drugs developed for terminal diseases such as cancers, AIDs etc. (Saganuwan, 2012).

A satellite group may be included in the study protocol. This group has both a control group and a high-dose group. The animals are observed for normal and abnormal body functions and biochemical parameters should be measured.

Tissue are collected for gross and histopathology (Jaijoy et al., 2010). Carcinogenicity testing is under chronic toxicity testing in which both rodent and non-rodent species of animals are used.

The test can be terminated after 1½ years in case of mice and hamsters and after 2 years in case of rats.

Haematological analysis is performed in healthy animals after 1 and 1½ years in mice and rats respectively and the study is terminated. The animals are sacrificed for gross pathology and histopathology (Saganuwan, 2012).

So the next time someone says


” that study is flawed” they gave 10 x the dosage we would ever use over 2 years – who would use it like that.


Rats only live 2 years !

Basically what they are doing is pulling down their pants and showing those of us that understand ” a little ”

that they dont have a fucking clue what they are talking about

Below we see the relationship between ” the accuracy of the outcome of this type of testing in animals” in this data its the predictability of a specific biological effect eg kidney failure from the drugs tested


Pharma companies do actually know what they are doing when it comes to safety testing haha at least more so that the guy that sells you your PEDs haha


2 years at 9 times the equivalent Human Dosage


This is ‘ insight” into possible issues

Victor Black