If there is a single aspect of PED use that has changed more than any other of the last 25 years IMO its simply this

The sheer number of guys that are using or planning to use PEDs today compared to when I started training

30 + years ago, there where guys that used PEDs but you could almost tell who they where, the guys in the Squat Rack busting a nut..

This study from 2019 surveyed 5773 Gym goers from 100 Gyms


Results: 83.2{4810c8228756a9189e64fcffe2b64504834fd1a9aa1761a0e9a85eac56097be8} did not use AAS

The other 16.8{4810c8228756a9189e64fcffe2b64504834fd1a9aa1761a0e9a85eac56097be8}, 924 people where either previous, current or “thinking about / planning” users

Yes agreed regional user levels we would expect is going to vary significantly, this is Brazil ( renown for being body image focused culturally )

But that is a lot 16 – 17{4810c8228756a9189e64fcffe2b64504834fd1a9aa1761a0e9a85eac56097be8} of all Gym Goers surveyed

Millions of guys using AAS and PED today.. or tomorrow

A mere handful of resources with high quality information to support them and all of them massively under-subscribed..

16 – 17{4810c8228756a9189e64fcffe2b64504834fd1a9aa1761a0e9a85eac56097be8} is a lot of guys

a ” fuck ton” I think is the correct term

and most. the majority really without a clue what they are doing.. reading outdated, often dangerous advice that dates back to the 1960’s and 1970’s

Victor Black