The Reality of Diminishing Arm Size Progress

Two often misunderstood facts about ” Arm Size”

1, Most guys that think they have 20″ arms.. well they dont

Arm that measures 20″ on the stage is an “impressive” Arm off season..

Most guys that have 20″ arms walking around would not break 18″ on the stage..

2, the bigger your Arms get the more tissue it takes to keep them growing

As the human arm grows bigger and bigger, it becomes more difficult to add each addition inch because with each additional inch you are required to add more cross sectional area.

Consider the circumference of a circle

As you expand the circumference by each additional inch.. the ” cross sectional area” of the circle increases by degrees

10 inch arm = 7.94 area
11 inch arm = 9.62 area
12 inch arm = 11.46 area
13 inch arm = 13.46 area
14 inch arm = 15.62 area
15 inch arm = 17.94 area
16 inch arm = 20.42 area
17 inch arm = 23.06 area
18 inch arm = 25.77 area
19 inch arm = 28.71 area
20 inch arm = 31.81 area
21 inch arm = 35.07 area
22 inch arm = 38.49 area

So it takes far less CSA to go from 13″ to 14″ that is does from 19″ to 20″

In other words ” I added an inch to my arms” does not mean the same thing to everyone.. when you are first starting out.. that inch will be far harder than your last inch..

Victor Black