The morality of becoming a high profile coach..

Something I dont think many understand about Coaching is that ” profile” is something that comes from ” results” not what you know…

I know Coaches that will only take on guys that will compete and have the genetics to win.. because they are actively seeking ” that profile”

The coach that produces winners

I am quite the opposite I do at times have the opportunity to work with very gifted individuals..

People that just ” respond” … you lay out the plan and the results come..

Rather than push push push I find myself trying to protect them from the risks associated with our sport.. and I am quite sure that has the consequence of placings.. or outcomes

Just remember when you are looking at Coaches

Great genetics and too much drugs.. is easy

Average people and keeping them healthy at the same time as getting great results…. takes a fuck ton more skill ..

My conservative models massively affect my profile.. massively so

The coach that produces winners is not necessarily the coach that knows the most

More works more.. and anyone that tells you other wise has never used more..

The problem is more also hurts more..

And those that seek out the genetically gifted to work with.. well that is a valid model sure.. why not.. its just not mine

I take on anyone that is ” serious” about wanting to be the best version of themselves, but we are going to do it ” safer” or find another coach

Victor Black