A Master Class Member asked if taking 1 – 1.5ml of Testosterone ” is even worth it”

I am going to address this question in two parts..

1, Firstly Testosterone Hormone is commonly available in a range of ” strengths” that range from

50mg / ml ( or CC ) to 500mg /ml ( or CC )

As such when we discuss ” dosages” we always need to state the ” strength” in mg as opposed to the volume of oil the Steroid Hormone is suspended in..

This would be like saying take ” does one tablet of DBol work”

IE it requires clarification on the dosing of the ” tablet”

Typically Pharma Grade Manufacturers produce at and do not exceed 250mg / ml – however we cant make that assumption.. we need to specify.

As a side note there are a number of way that Testosterone ( and other Steroid Hormones ) “behave differently” based on the Volume of Oil used.. this includes the ” speed” of absorption of the Oil Depot into the Bloodstream..

I cover this in this video..


I will address what is the second part of the question .. “what is the minimum effective dose” in a follow on post.

Victor Black