Peak Week Strategies Part 1 and 2

Peak Week Strategies Part 1 and 2..

Last week we looked at the ” Another Day at the Office” Approach to Peak Week.

In other words if you look great a week out why change a thing ?

If you havent seen it yet please watch that first Water Modulation Primer Video here..

In today’s Master Class Video we step up the game into actionable items that can incrementally improve our stage presence with a¬†Moderate Risk / Moderate Return Peak Week Strategy.

So what goes into a Moderate Risk / Moderate Return Peak Week Strategy ?

How much and when ?

Training Changes ?

Drug Protocol Changes ?
Carb Deplete and Load ?
Potassium / Creatine / Sodium ?
Water Drop ?
Diuretics ?

Please note there is a sound drop on one of the slides..  apologies for this..

What I was saying at that time was simply there is a Range of solutions to peak Week.. a spectrum, its not a case of ” one thing you should do”.. I will fix this at a later point.. fortunately it happened on not ” terribly important slide”