Water Intake – How Much, When and Why?

Water Intake – How Much, When and Why?

So on average, the water intake needed to balance losses is approximately 4 liters per day ( about a Gallon )

This number can increase considerably for individuals that sweat considerably during the course of the day /exercise/activity.

One way to determine this ” additional need” is if you weigh yourself pre and post-training and consuming 1.5 liters of water per kilogram of weight loss from a training bout. Probably overkill for for most here.

Note if you use any sort of Diruertic as an Anti-hypertensive you will need to account for this as ” additional loss” during a day.
Caffeine intake can affect water loss to a minor degree, alcohol consumption is more of a problem but hopefully if you’re a regular drinker you don’t follow me..

Pick your poision.. PEDS or Alcohol

I am not going to judge you for anything you do unless your the idiot doing both ! Sorry did I say idiot ? I meant fuckwit. Most of those that get themselves into real health trouble with PIEDs do so through multi-stressor inputs, AAS + Alcohol + Recreational Drugs all at once ? Then your an idiot.

Remember water makes up around 60 percent your total fat-free mass, keep yourself ” well hydrated” normally the body’s homeostatic mechanisms will tell you when you need to re-hydrate so listen for the signals.. thirsty? Drink water

One last fact.. that might motivate you to drink more water.

There are two mechanisms of Hypertrophy.. Mechanical Tension and Metabolite Accumulation ( Cell Swelling or the Pump ) Metabolite Accumulation ( Cell Swelling or the Pump ) relies on you being correctly hydrated.. without water there is no pump, no pump = less gains.

Water Retension

NO its NOT Estrogen !!

What causes Water Retention and How to Manage it