Rest Pause Training

Effective Reps.. Rest Pause..

In todays Master Class Video we look at Rest Pause Training..

What does it mean ?

Does it really work ?

Pro and Cons compared to Traditional Sets ?

Pros and Cons compared to Drop Sets ?

How to Program using Rest Pause.

How to Periodize Rest Pause Training..

Recovery – How do I know when I am Recovered ?

How do I know if I am fully recovered and able to train again ?

Today we address the question.. from Mark
How do I know if I am fully recovered from my last training session and able to train again ” effectively” and therefore take advantage of a higher frequency of training than the old one body part a day split.. or if that is indeed the right frequency for me ?
ie What frequency should you ( as an individual ) train at for maximum progression ?
Thank you Dave for this question.. here is your 15 min video response.
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Full 15 min video answer for Master Class Members here