Telmisartan – a ARB and a Peroxisome Proliferator Receptor Angonist

Telmisartan – a ARB and a Peroxisome Proliferator Receptor Angonist

If you follow my posts you will know I am constantly telling guys

Don’t take so much of a Drug that you need a second Prescription Medication that offers nothing towards out goals and yet come with a long list of their own problems just so you can tolerate the side effects of the first

Responsible PED users should not need Ais, DHT Blockers or Prolactin Modulators like Caber – none

Often the consequences of these drugs are worse than the consequences of the drugs your taking in the first place haha

Learn how to use PEDS in such as way that you don’t need to take drugs just so you can take drugs so you can take drugs..

Now the one exception to the rule IMO is the use of a Blood Pressure Medication

I have written many posts about all the many benefits of ARBs

I am not a fan of ACE Inhibitors myself and the primary reason is I do use Trenbolone and Trenbolone and ACE Inhibitors don’t play well together.

So there are 8 ARBs for you to choose from

Which one is of most interest to me ?


For this is not only an angiotensin II type 1 receptor blocker ( ARB ) it’s also has peroxisome proliferator receptor γ-stimulating activity

and the consequences of that are far-ranging

From its consideration as an Anti-obesity Drug to its function in a possible role in improving cognitive function

From improving insulin sensitivity to being Kidney protective

This a very interesting and almost unheard of drug in our community

This is not a drug that you should place in the first part of our discussion – ie drugs you take so you can take drugs

Hell if you are an older man you might consider using this even if your Natural, maybe

Takeway here

This is not just a BP med.

The PPAR-g-modulating activity of Telemarsartan has been shown in Ab-injected mice treated with telmisartan showed an improvement in cognitive decline, enhancement of CBF, and attenuation of an Ab-induced increase in the expression of cytokine.

So whilst an ACE-Inhibitor like Ramipril might be making your Trenbolone side effects worse

Telemarsaratan might, via its PPAR-g-modulating activity be working for us when we expose ourselves to high levels of AAS, maybe…

Victor Black