The problem with ” Superfoods”


The problem with ” Superfoods”

Yes I am a huge advocate and promoter of using Food as Medicine

And yes there is good evidence to support that entire framework and linking the effectiveness of preventive and protective nutrients and food components

However its not just as simple as the latest Superfood Trend

Here are a few considerations

Usually its a specific chemical or chemicals that are naturally found within that Food item that is the underlying contributor to outcomes here

But in reality

Foods are complex matrices in which that chemical component is never present alone but rather it exists along with many other molecules that collectively could have additive, synergistic or antagonist effect.

Then we have processing that often modifies concentration and bioavailability of the valued chemical component.

and then we add various food items together to make meals that again have the potential to have an additive, synergistic or antagonist effect.

IMO most importantly of all

Foods that have a high consumption frequency have the highest possibility to allow the introduction of the effective dose of the component into our lives at levels that cause ” outcomes”

ie Ok sure that might do that.. if I eat enough of it, but in practical terms ? I dont even get close that that level of intake on a regular basis


” Superfoods” is too simple.

Its the churn of ” magazines and wellness websites” aimed at the General Population.

We can do better…

What is in there that is causing that outcome ?

How does it work ?

Where else can we get that from i my diet ? Does it only exist in that food ?

How does processing and even cooking and combining with other foods affect the outcomes of that Chemical Component ?

Are we getting enough benefit considering the amount your consuming of that Food ?

Takeway ?

Lets just start today with the simplest step

Start by dumping the Superfood Tag, you are smarter than the audience that lanquage is crafted for by a long way. We can do better

Victor Black