Methasteron ( AKA SuperDrol AKA Methyldrostanolone ) Primer 101

Methasteron ( AKA SuperDrol AKA Methyldrostanolone ) Primer 101

This is a long one guys 57 mins long.. yikes !

Discovery and Development Period – 1956 – 1959

Chemical Structure relationship to Anadrol and Masteron

SuperDrol is a supersaturated form of the hormone Oxymetholone ( Anadrol ) and the Methylated Version of Drostanolone ( Masteron )

AR Binding, ER Binding, PR Binding, GR Binding

Estrogenic and DHT reduction

Androgenic to Anabolic Rating Confusion

Oral VS Injectable SuperDrol – what changes when you Inject SD? This one is a shocker !

The journey from OTC Prohormone to Class III Anabolic Steroid

Synonyms and Clones – alternative names

Side Effects you need to be mindful of Liver and Kidneys

Detection Times for the 15 most prominent Metabolites

Anything “remarkable” about SD enough that would you consider using it ? Yes… conditionally

Superdrol is easily one of the Top 5 ” strength drugs of all time”
sure it will beat the crapper out of our Liver and Kidney but hard to argue its impact there…

So if you are going to use SuperDrol after you know all this, any recommendations?

If you are still living in the 1960s walking around telling yourself that SuperDrol is 4 times more Anabolic than Testosterone and only 20 percent as Androgenic, you better watch this video..


Victor Black