How dangerous is “responsible” Insulin use really ?

How dangerous is “responsible” Insulin use really ?

Insulin is NOT for beginners ?

Ah, ok I agree with the intent, maybe.. maybe

Let me give you my version..

Anabolic Steroids, in a Performance Enhancement setting, are NOT for Beginners, period 

Research Chemicals, ie the use of unproven, untested PED’s for situational use are NOT for Beginners. period. 

Yes I use some RC for situational use, sure. NO I do not use them as “basal” PEDs ie daily use.

I really dont have any problem with knowledgeable guys that know the risks using Research Chemicals

Yes I agree there is a logical sequence of events one follows

Natural Training for a minimum or 3 – 5 years + before one even needs to think about PED use, any PED use

and following that

Basic application of Anabolic Steroids, in a Performance Enhancement is going to buy you at least 2 years before you even need to think about Insulin

But if you are not ready for the responsibility that comes with Insulin after 5 – 7 years living in this World..

All I can say is wow.. you must be a slow learner..

If you can teach a 14-year-old Type 1 Diabetic to apply Insulin safely, you should be able to Teach a ” Serious Trainer ” to apply Insulin Safely

Yes as I have said many times I would much rather see a responsible user using

a little AAS
a little rHGh
a little Insulin
a few Catalysts
a few Buffers

Rather that blasting away with a 20 pound Sledge Hammer on their Androgen Receptors under the delusion its ” safer” than responsible Insulin use.

That is the same delusion that says 10 x the intended clinical Dosages of SARMs is ” safer” than 250mg of Testosterone haha

Yes I agree you need to know what you are doing – 100 percent agree

But I am hopeful that you are not saying its ok to use AAS or RC when you dont know what you are doing..

So in other words, there will come a time when its a logical, rational consideration for “what next” and its probably a better choice than ‘ more Steroids” for many..

How about this ?

NO PEDs are for beginners.. or those that dont know what they are doing.. on that we can agree..

For anyone interested in the facts rather than emotion

So what would happen if you deliberately tried to kill yourself with Insulin ?

So how do we determine how dangerous Insulin Use is ?

I think the best single resource you can consider when you look at how dangerous insulin is, is to look at the success rate for those that use Insulin to deliberately try to kill themselves with it

Insulin Overdose Among Patients With Diabetes: A Readily Available Means of Suicide

Epidemiological Assessment of 160 Cases of Insulin Overdose Recorded in a Regional Poisons Unit

The success rate is around 2.7 percent of those that tried to kill themselves with Insulin died.

In other words, if 100 of you wanted to kill yourself and you chose Insulin to try to do it

About 2 – 3  of you would succeed, statistically.

IMO that is a pretty good indicator of how dangerous ” responsible use is”

Again I am not saying Insulin is not dangerous, you can kill yourself using it, yes and yes again its true.

Now maybe those numbers are misrepresented because those people did not know how to kill themselves – dosage required etc ?

You might be surprised to learn that deliberate self harm among Drs is not rare..

Indeed a greater proportion of suicide deaths in doctors were by self‐poisoning that ‘ civilian’s” and that may reflect the fact that doctors have ready access to drugs, and have knowledge of which drugs and doses are likely to cause death.

So if Drs can pretty much access whatever they want..

and Insulin is so deadly,  then

What Percentage of Doctors that deliberately try to kill themselves use Insulin to do so ?

Reasonable question right ?

About 2.2 percent of Male Dr’s and about 5 percent of Female Dr’s

In other words they know there are far easier ways to kill yourself than Overdosing on Insulin,

Indeed even if you try to deliberately kill yourself with Insulin its probably not going to work 96 percent of the time..

That does not mean its not dangerous.

It means there are probably far more dangerous drugs in your Medicine Cabinet

On a PubMed search, I have noted multiple case reports of large insulin overdoses the largest of which was 10000 units of Humulin R

10,000 units of Humulin R ? WTF

10,000 units and the guy survived ? How ?

Thewjitcharoen, N. Lekpittaya, and T. Himathongkam,

“Attempted suicide by massive insulin injection: a case report and review of the literature,” Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, vol. 91, no. 12, pp. 1920–1924, 2008.

Other overdoses were

800 units of Lantus – 3 Pens worth

1500 units of Lantus – 5 pens worth

3800 units of Lantus – 12 pens worth

2500 units of NPH insulin in a patient

750 units regular insulin and 750 units NPH insulin in a patient

I mean you have to ask..

So what exactly is the LD50 for Insulin ?

The acute toxicity of HOE-901 (Lantus) was assessed in mice and dogs using the SC route and in rats using both the SC and IV route of administration.

Acute toxicity was comparable between mice and rats regardless of the route of administration and a LD50 of ≥ 1000 IU was established

Dangerous ?

Yes for Morons.. that dont or cant think.. you can kill yourself yes..I agree

My advise if you are a “Moron”,  then dont even think about it – You are going to hurt yourself

Victor Black