Prolactin Control 101 – First line of Action

Prolactin Control 101 – First line of Action

Prolactin Control 101 – First line of Action

We live in a tribe that treats drugs like lollies..

The first line of action to any need is ” more drugs”

But why would we use Drug B that adds nothing towards our goals apart from modulating the side effects from using Drug A ?

Ok if Drug B have NO, I mean zero side effects itself ok, but Ai’s DHT Blockers and most Prolactin Control Options are NOT side effect free

Prolactin Control Issues  – First Line of Action 

Lets see

Option 1 – Lower the stimulus ?

Nuh bro I may only be 160 pounds in stage condition and barely look like I lift but I need 300mg a week Tren !

I cant use 150mg Bruh !

OK how about

Option 2 – Using a drug that at the very least doesn’t not open up a whole other class of problems

Masteron actively lowers Prolactin

Option 3 – start using another class of drugs Dopamine Agonists

like Ropinirole, pramipexole, and cabergoline

Drugs that have severe side effects attached to use.

Ropinirole, pramipexole, and cabergoline are all implicated in the Dopamine Agonist Withdrawal Syndrome.

The reason I say our tribe treats drugs like lollies is most guys that take these drugs are not even aware that such a problem exists with this class of drug.

Dopamine Agonist Withdrawal Syndrome ?  Never heard of it

“The third who developed the severe symptoms, patients become very anxious, they cannot perform their everyday activity of daily living, they won’t go out, they develop pain, sweating, apathy, and some become very, very depressed,”

The researchers suggested there was considerable potential for misdiagnosis of the withdrawal syndrome, which is similar to drug withdrawal for addictive drugs, and the symptoms could also be confused with non–motor fluctuations.

So next time you are thinking Prolactin control ?

Lets start with

Option 1 – Lower the stimulus ?

Option 2 – Use a drug that at the very least doesnt not open up a whole other class of problems and Masteron is a Prolactin Modulator


Victor Black

Understanding Prolactin Elevation 101

Understanding Prolactin Elevation 101

You will often hear guys talk about how Trenbolone use elevates Prolactin and can cause Prolactin mediated Gynecomastia

Partially true.. Its certainly true that Prolactin in a stimulatory input for Gynecomastia. 

Just the sheer act of training, as a Natural will raise your Prolactin Levels far beyond those of the untrained individual

hell just eating food raises Prolactin Levels and we do a fuck ton of that in our tribe..

Then add AAS, ie the enhanced Trainer and Prolactin elevates again

Then there are certain drugs that ” contribute more or less” here, yes sure..

So for the sake of correctness

Just like its not Masteron that ” causes” hair shedding.. its the proverbial ” straw that breaks the camels back” its the last layer you added that pushes you over the tipping point ..

Trenbolone is a stimulatory input to Prolactin Elevation.. but it layers first on ” Natural Training” , then ” Food Intake” then on ” Enhanced Training”

In other words, is ” contributing in a meaningful way” but it’s not the singular input..

Victor Black