If Primobolan is a Methylated Compound does that mean its Liver Toxic ?

If Primobolan is a Methylated Compound does that mean its Liver Toxic ?

If Primobolan is a Methylated Compound does that mean its Liver Toxic?


Ah yes, sort of sure

Here we can see a comparative study in 38 male subjects with normal liver function showed that administration of 1-methyl-l-androstenolone in doses from 40 mg IM EOD where 3 weeks of treatment could achieve a slight increase of BSP retention, an increase of blood coagulation factors V and X, of prothrombin and progressive antithrombin III

Serum bilirubin level, activities of GOT, GPT, alkaline phosphatase, aldolase and sorbite dehydrogenase in serum, the plasma concentration of the coagulation factor VII and the thrombin time remained unchanged.

Testosterone propionate ( 40 mg IM every 2nd day) had no influence on the parameters under investigation.

The changes occurring under Primobolan treatment are considered to be symptoms of a slight disturbance of the excretory liver function; the 1-methyl substitution on the steroid nucleus seems to be responsible for this outcome however

So yes the ” needle moved” here at 140 mg a week, 100% true


Now what do we do with that data ?

1, Well we can already compare it to Testosterone

Primobolan was mildly impactful on the Liver at 140mg a week
Testosterone was not impactful here at 140mg a week 

What about other Drugs ?

Boldenone ?

Remember the Boldenone study where the needle moved at 12.5mg week ?

Agreed not 100% like for like studies, they never are. But there is a big difference between BSP retention at 12.5mg a week and 140mg a week.


Testosterone at 140mg a week = No Liver Toxicity
Primobolan at 140mg a week = some, the needle moved
Boldenone ? hell the needle moved at 12.5mg a week

Yes the overwhelming majority of Primobolan Studies are in German

and yes I go a lot further down the Rabbit Hole than anyone else I know in understanding what Drugs do what..

Maybe that interests you or not.. up to you.

Victor Black



Primobolan – Minimal Effective Dosage

Primobolan – Minimal Effective Dosage

People will often say unless you are taking 600 – 1000 mg of Primobolan its not worth it, nothing is going to happen

What is that based on ?

We have clinical evidence that shows 10 percent increases in Muscle CSA from as little as 100mg a week in just 6 weeks

and that’s NOT water, Primobolan can NOT convert to E2

Even with T some of the CSA change will be consequential to E2

When you see CSA increase from a DHT derivative its quality

So for us what is the minimal effective dosage ? 

The challenge with making recommendations is always, with every drug the degree of individual response

You can even see that here some guy pulled 25 percent increase CSA

I typically start Masteron at 100mg a week for Older Men but here its used for Prolactin and Estrogen Modulation and improvement in Sexual Function

I typically start Primoblan at 300 – 400mg a week but that is a Male BB

Both Primobolan and Masteron were historically deployed in Women. Primobolan at 400mg a week Mastreon at 300mg a week, so if you can afford more. hell go for it .. but its not like even 100mg doesnt do ” anything”

Victor Black