High dose Test being used to ” treat” Prostate Cancer ?

High dose Test being used to ” treat” Prostate Cancer ?

The majority of treatment of advanced prostate cancer has focused almost exclusively on inhibiting androgen receptor signaling

Recently Scienticts have been exploring the use of treatment with excess androgens, a strategy he called ‘‘hormone interference’ and the mechanisms
underlying the antitumor effects of androgens.

The seemingly paradoxical ability of supraphysiologic androgen levels to inhibit prostate cancer growth has been demonstrated in multiple
in vitro and in vivo studies.

In addition, a number of case series recounting the benefits of testosterone supplementation in prostate cancer patients have peppered the literature for more than half a century

These findings have renewed interest in exploring high-dose T as a therapeutic strategy for men with advanced prostate cancer, and have provided the impetus for the development of a series of prospective studies testing intermittent highdose T in the clinic, a therapeutic strategy that has been termed bipolar androgen therapy (BAT).