Is Boldenone Liver Toxic in Humans ?

Is Boldenone Liver Toxic in Humans ?

A part of the challenge that Laymen like myself have when supporting our beliefs with evidence regarding the Toxicity of Drugs that have never been Approved for Human Use is providing “evidence” that others will accept as ” proof points”

IMO we have an abundance of evidence in surrogate models that support my position that Boldenone is Liver Toxic in Animal Models
Yes I agree that what is true in Animal Models is not always true in Human application.
So do we have a study in Humans that shows this ?
Maybe, it depends on how you are prepared to accept studies like this.

In 1970 20 Human subjects where given graded dosage of Boldenone ( Parenabol ) for the Treatment of Osteoporosis ( one of the indications of use of Trenbolone BTW )

Bromsulphalein (BSP) retention was measured before and at the end of the period of treatment in 12 cases

Of those that where given 25mg of Boldenone every 14 days we can see those below that saw an increase in BSP retention.
At the same time with one exception, SGOT values did not alter with treatment.

In this exception, SGOT levels rose from 28 units/100 ml to 84 units/100 ml after 10 injections. When treatment ceased, the SGOT level in this individual returned slowly to normal over the next two months. BSP retention was 1 percent before treatment and 6 percent when treatment ended; the patient felt well throughout.

Now I am fully prepared to accept that this degree of BSP retention might not be considered “statisically significant” in all but 3 cases.. 3 cases out of 12, only 25 percent of patients, but and note this, we are talking about 25mg here, not 250mg not 2500mg, 25 mg. 

Boldenone every 14 days here, ie 12.5mg a week.

So either you can see the thread I am pulling on or not here

Do we have any studies in Humans that show what effect real world Bodybuilding dosages of Boldenone have on the Liver ?
Do we have animals models that show liver stress with Boldenone ?

Yes many

So either you can see this and appreciate my point..

Wow just 12.5mg every week was enough ” to make the needle move” or you cant.. and if you cant you cant that is ok with me.

For me I ask .. so if 12.5mg was enough to make the needle move in 25 percent of this cohort, I wonder what 800mg a week would do ?
If this was all we had, meh.. its hardly iron clad.. is it.. on its own its reaching..

But IMO you must consider all the evidence we have in totality, everything. 
And when we do, all we have, every thing we have in totalilty supports my belief that Boldenone is Liver Toxic
Wouldnt it be great if we had better quality studies to consider here ? sure
Such is the nature of fucking around with Drugs that have never been in Human Use. You have a few threads you must pull on and make up your own mind.
This is in my opinion is very much akin to guys looking at SARMs studies and saying well at 1mg a day we only saw ” moderate” liver stress.. agreed ! its totally manageable at 1mg.,.
That does not mean 30 x that is not going become a problem over time.
Takeway here ?

For me at least if 12.5mg a week of Boldenone is enough to make the needle move, how well does that bode for 800mg a week ?
Victor Black