3 ways you might get a Bigger Bang for your Buck from Anavar ( Oxandrolone )

3 ways you might get a bigger bang for your Buck from Anavar ( Oxandrolone ) 

Anavar is, at least by comparison to Testosterone and Nandrolone relatively expensive, but there is a reason for that and its principally this.

Exactly as is the case with Primobolan the manufacturing process is significantly more complex that other more  Agricultural offerings.

This is why some AAS compounds cost more than others…

All Steroids are derived from Testosterone..

In other words, Testosterone is the base for the Synthesis of all our AAS.

and the more modifications to the Testosterone Molecule you make, the  more complicated and the longer the synthesis process takes

One Step away from Testosterone is DHT.. so DHT literally takes only marginally more effort to make than Testosterone.

Remember DHT Derivatives are NOT DHT

So to arrive at say Stanozolol

Stanozolol is formed by starting with Testosterone, converting that to DHT then converting the DHT to Oxymetholone ( Anadrol ) then Oxymetholone is converted to Stanozolol

Guess which one costs more to make.. Testosterone or Stanozolol?

The most elegant AAS we have ? Primobolan and Anavar

The most time consuming drugs to make ? Primobolan and Anavar

Leading us to the most expensive drugs to purchase ?

Should be no surprise … Primobolan and Anavar







Given all that, here are 3 ways you might get a significantly better bang for your buck mg/mg out of Anavar…

1, Suspending your Anavar in an MCT Oil before ingestion.

There has been one study in infants that showed a remarkable increase in the efficacy of Anavar when administered this way.

The results where so impressive they motivated a follow up study in Adults, not yet published.

Here is the link to yet to be published study in Adults


The Graphics below are from the 2016 study on the use of Anavar in New Born babies following neonatal surgical repair of complex congenital heart disease.

One group was administered Anavar at a 0.1 mg / kg / day via aqueous solution

Another 0.2 mg / kg / day via aqueous solution

While the third group was administered in an oil-based solution of Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) 0.1 mg / kg / day.

A statistically significant differential in outcome based on admin with the fat base, where 0.1mg/kg actually outperformed double the dosage in water.

Layman’s takeaway ?

Take your Anavar either with a higher fat meal.. or perhaps even better suspended in a MCT Oil

Note Update July 2020 

 Always learning, always open to change your mind based on ” new evidence”

A little while I posted about the idea of using MCT Oil with Anavar to improve Bio availability, this is based on a Neonate Study that showed a significant improvement in Bio availability in that Cohort.

In 2020 we now have a follow up to the study by the same team looking at this application in Healthy Men.It worked great in Neonates, so can we apply to Adults ?

Outcome ?

Degradation of Outcome.
ok so we will not be doing that then …. haha
Always learning, always open to change your mind based on ” new evidence”
I will never apologize for changing my opinion based on new evidence, for that is the inference.. what we know today based on…
Yes in Premature babies, No in Healthy Adult Men.
Children, especially infants, exhibit pharmacokinetics that are distinct from adults, in part due to differences in metabolic capacity

2, Ingesting your Anavar with 300mg of Caffeine

In early 2018 a study was done that showed taking 300mg of caffeine combined with Oxandrolone increased bioavailablity dramatically compared with the Oxandrolone alone control..

Yes you are reading that right 20 x

True ? who knows but IMO something as simple as adding Caffeine with intake is worth at least trying when its demonstrated in a peer-reviewed and double blind study..

3, Consideration of the Half Life of Anavar.

Given the unique Pharmacokinetic Properties of Anavar there many well be a case to me made for multiple time per day admin and potentially admin 30 mins before Training.

IE 4 x 10 mg spread out over the day.. for a total of 40 mg… with 10mg taken 30 mins before your Training Session.

IMO all these possibilities are worthy of our consideration.