Primobolan – Minimal Effective Dosage

Primobolan – Minimal Effective Dosage

People will often say unless you are taking 600 – 1000 mg of Primobolan its not worth it, nothing is going to happen

What is that based on ?

We have clinical evidence that shows 10 percent increases in Muscle CSA from as little as 100mg a week in just 6 weeks

and that’s NOT water, Primobolan can NOT convert to E2

Even with T some of the CSA change will be consequential to E2

When you see CSA increase from a DHT derivative its quality

So for us what is the minimal effective dosage ? 

The challenge with making recommendations is always, with every drug the degree of individual response

You can even see that here some guy pulled 25 percent increase CSA

I typically start Masteron at 100mg a week for Older Men but here its used for Prolactin and Estrogen Modulation and improvement in Sexual Function

I typically start Primoblan at 300 – 400mg a week but that is a Male BB

Both Primobolan and Masteron were historically deployed in Women. Primobolan at 400mg a week Mastreon at 300mg a week, so if you can afford more. hell go for it .. but its not like even 100mg doesnt do ” anything”

Victor Black