Genetic variants of Estrogen Beta and Leptin Receptors may cause Gynecomastia

Genetic variants of Estrogen Beta and Leptin receptors may cause Gynecomastia

Sometimes our Tribe can be extremely judgemental.. with limited understanding of ” how” an adverse AAS exposure event might occur

I sometimes see individuals calling out conditions like Gynecomastia in such as way as you would think its a condition that affects everyone in exactly the same way.

No, just no.

Some individuals are simply affected to a greater or lesser degree than others really by all potential adverse events from AAS , from acne to hair loss to prostate BHP to gyno and and and

I have never ever had any problems with acne, never not as a teenager and not as an AAS use, I am simply one of those guys that are not affected by this condition.

Now do not get me wrong, I believe that Acne is massively influenced by environmental and behavioral factors and I could easily argue that well I don’t create an environment in which that condition can flourish, sure but the point here is that there is a genetic component.. there just is

And Gynecomastia is exactly the same – two guys can follow exactly the same behaviors and protocols and see totally different responses, due to biological inter-variability.

Yes Estrogen levels play a role, yes of course but Estrogen Receptor beta gene polymorphism and Leptin receptor polymorphism may massively increase susceptibility to gynecomastia.

In biology polymorphism is the occurrence of two or more clearly different morphs or forms in the population of a species

So be a little more understanding when you see someone ” battling” with the condition.. cause we are not all the same… we don’t all respond the same way to the same inputs.

Look at the bloodwork between these two groups of Young Men, one group experiencing Gyno the other no condition – no these are not AAS users.. we dont always have the data we would like to see available to us in the way we would like to see it..

You can’t just say ” they are doing a bad job” at Testerone and or Estrogen Control.. that is grossly oversimplifying the issue.

The median E2 level was 12.41 (5.00-65.40) pg/ml in the control group and 16.86 (2.58-78.47) pg/ml in the study group (p<0.001). The median T level was 2.19 (0.04-7.04) ng/ml in the control group and 1.46 (0.13-12.02) ng/ml in the study group (p=0.714).



Genetic variants of estrogen beta and leptin receptors may cause

Understanding Gynecomastia

Understanding Gynecomastia

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