These are ” Black Top/Blue Top/Green Top ” HGH  – Thats the Good Stuff Bruh

These are ” Black Top/Blue Top/Green Top ” HGH – Thats the Good Stuff Bruh

These are ” Black Top/Blue Top/Green Top ” HGH ” That’s the good stuff..” Bruh 

Many years ago, before the existence of generic HGH labs in China, different Manufacturers of rHGH used colored flip top caps as part of ” Brand Identity”

By way of example Jintropin (GeneScience Pharmaceuticals) used Yellow Flip Tops..

Today in a world of generics.. can we place any relevancy to quality attached to a product by the color of the plastic flip top used ?

Ah that would be like saying ” he is wearing a Black Tshirt” so he must be a ” tough guy” haha

None, zero, zilch.. there is no connection between the color of the flip top on your generic HGH and ” implied” quality..

If you understand the simple process of ” how a colored top gets attached to a vial”, you understand the silliness of this quality measure.

There are three ways in which you can consider the quality of rHGH

1. By the trust, you have in your supplier. Lets call that ” faith” shall we.

2. a self conducted Bioassay – this is where you admin some of the product and get blood drawn looking for ” predicted outcomes” at certain time lines based on certain dosages..

3, HPLC Testing

If someone tries to sell you generic HGH on the grounds that is has a ” colored top”

These are ” Black Top/Blue Top/Green Top ” HGH Bruh..

” That’s the good stuff..”

Be very very very careful, because they either just pulled down their pants and showed you what they actually know about this domain .. or they do know and are treating you like an idiot and either one ain’t good..

Victor Black


rHGH and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ( CTS )

rHGH and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ( CTS )

rHGH and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ( CTS )

In today’s Master Class Video we look at the relationship between the use of Growth Hormone and CTS


What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ( CTS ) ?
Relationship with Growth Hormone
CTS in Acromegalics
CTS in those undertaking rHGH therapy for GHD
CTS for those using rHGH for Performance Enhancement
Why does Growth Hormone cause this issue ?
Is there anything we can do to minimize its impact ?
Victor Black’s suggestion.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where the median nerve is compressed at the level of the wrist, characterized physiologically by evidence of increased pressure within the carpal tunnel and decreased function of the nerve at that level.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be caused by many different diseases, conditions and events, however (CTS) was first discovered in 1913 by neurologist Pierre Marie, who described its occurrence in acromegalics secondary to excessive growth hormone (GH) levels
Even if you don’t use rHGH but you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ( CTS ) there is a takeway here for you that might provide some relief.

#growthhormone, #carpaltunnelrelief
Victor Black
Does using rHGH increase Insulin Resistance ?

Does using rHGH increase Insulin Resistance ?

Does using rHGH increase Insulin Resistance ?

High Dosage rHGH use

The original dosage of GH treatment used in GH deficient adults were body weight-adjusted high dosing derived from the dosage used in GH deficient children, however this practice has changed to individualized dosing with lower doses to avoid adverse events of overtreatment since early 2000s.

Many of the early studies using high GH doses (≥0.01 mg/kg/day) reported that fasting glucose and insulin levels increased after short-term GH treatment for less than 6 months, but were usually restored to baseline levels after 1 or 2 years of GH treatment.

GH treatment in high doses was effective for the reduction of total and visceral fat mass. However, long-term GH replacement in high doses decreased insulin sensitivity and aggravated insulin resistance, which can be explained by the anti-insulin effects of GH.

Despite increased insulin resistance, hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels remained unchanged in both short-term and long-term treatment

Low Dosage rHGH use

Low-dose GH administration in GH-deficient adults has been reported to be effective in improving body composition, albeit to a lesser degree than high-dose GH

Most of the studies using low-dose GH treatment (<0.01 mg/kg/day) demonstrated no significant change or just a transient increase in fasting glucose levels.

Most of these studies reported unchanged insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity after long-term treatment with low-dose GH.

Two studies conducted by the same investigators showed an improvement of insulin sensitivity in GH-deficient patients with obesity after a short-term treatment with a fixed low-dose GH (0.1 mg/day).

Most studies with low-dose GH treatment reported no significant changes in HbA1c levels, although a few studies showed a mild decrease in HbA1c within normal range in GH deficient adults

One study investigated the effect of GH on fasting glucose levels and HbA1c in GH-deficient patients with pre-existing diabetes mellitus, and it revealed a mild elevation of fasting glucose without statistical significance and no aggravation of HbA1c value.

Takeway ?

Time and time again

Yes rHGH is capable of increasing Insulin Resistance when abused 100 percent true

There is no evidence that is true at lower dosages

What exactly does low dosage mean ?

<0.01 mg/kg/day

1.16mg per day for me… 3.5 IU day

This paper was published in 2017..

Victor Black

MK-677 and Insulin Resistance

MK-677 and Insulin Resistance

Studies in Humans show that long term exposure to elevated HGH is going to elevate your Insulin Resistance

Point of this post ?

It’s enough that you

1, Understand this and what this means

2, Understand that MK-677 does this to a larger magnitude than any other HGH secretagogue

3, As such you should have a “measurement and then modulation strategy” in place

4. Some individuals are going to impacted more than others..


These are questions you ask before you start taking drugs

I had someone related a story about a diabetic who started using MK-677 for a few days… took them a following 10-14 days to get their BGL back under control.

Its certainly plausible. Look at this guy exactly that outcome highly statistically unlikely of course but there are always outliers

” Using HGH or Insulin cant make you a Diabetic! “

I see this posted a lot

” Using HGH or Insulin cant make you a Diabetic! “

What ?

If you mean at anti-aging dosages for both ? sure

But understand 3 things

1, if you understand how you develop Type II diabetes

It’s basically Insulin Resistance taken to its extreme conclusion

2, That high-level HGH and Insulin use contribute to the elevation of Insulin Resistance that unchecked and unmanaged has the potential to cause real problems here

3, The dosages that you see in our tribe together with the mentality that the answer to blunted effect is to increase the dosage

Then high-level HGH and Insulin abuse can absolutely lead to this condition – dont delude yourself there

Now like with so much of what we do

The irony is used in moderation Insulin has the potential to prevent Type II diabetes – it’s a knife that cuts both ways

If you know how to use it its an antiaging tool

If you don’t yes you if can lead you to Type II Diabetes

That statement is true of most drugs we use..

a little is good for you and a lot will bring you too your knees

Victor Black