Are the use of Ai’s “controversial” ?

Are the use of Ai’s “controversial” ?

I would have to disagree with its ” controversial”

Yes in our tribe ok

But do a search on Medical literature

Anastrozole and bone > 16,000 articles
Anastrozole and cognition > 4000 articles
Anastrozole and vascular > 10,500 articles
Anastrozole & sexual function >10,000 articles

You could probably never read all there is to read on this subject

Bad for your bones
Bad for your Brain
Bad for your Heart
Bad for the Bedroom

We all should be doing everything in our power to not live on them

Short term use ? that’s unlikely to be a major issue

Gyno “Treatment” sure – who has not done that, it’s part of clinical practice here even for ” non drug induced gyno”

But we dont want to “live” on them – not for 20 years

hell we have enough stress on these systems without taking drugs that just make everything worse.. that you dont ” need” to take

Victor Black

IGF-I with Nandrolone or Stanozolol elevates E2

Now this is interesting

Looks like Aromatase expression is induced by the combined treatment of IGF-I with nandrolone or stanozolol to levels higher than those obtained with the single agents

Takeaway if you use rHGH /IGF-1 Lr3 and AAS in combination

Expect higher Estrogen Control Issues, much much higher with Nandrolone

Victor Black

Vitamin D downregulates Aromatase Expression

I am convinced that one of the reasons that I don’t need an Ai at 300mg a week of Test is because I ” set myself up” for it..

It’s not just a case of bang it in a see how you go..

” Fuck Victor not Micronutrients again ? haha

Cant you just let me eat my chicken and brocolli and rice in peace haha “

Ah yep ! Vitamin D this time

Wait you’re telling me that Vitamin D downregulates aromatase expression ?

ah well you can add that to the loooooong list of things it does sure

Vitamin D Dosage Recommendations here 

HCG in young Men vs older Men for T and E2

Everything works differently as an Older Man

Here we see the difference in response to the same dosage of HCG in young Men vs older Men for T and E2

Each subject was given hCG (40 lU/kg of body weight intramuscularly)


Age is NOT a number !

Age changes everything all the way down the line

Victor Black