” Using HGH or Insulin cant make you a Diabetic! “

I see this posted a lot

” Using HGH or Insulin cant make you a Diabetic! “

What ?

If you mean at anti-aging dosages for both ? sure

But understand 3 things

1, if you understand how you develop Type II diabetes

It’s basically Insulin Resistance taken to its extreme conclusion

2, That high-level HGH and Insulin use contribute to the elevation of Insulin Resistance that unchecked and unmanaged has the potential to cause real problems here

3, The dosages that you see in our tribe together with the mentality that the answer to blunted effect is to increase the dosage

Then high-level HGH and Insulin abuse can absolutely lead to this condition – dont delude yourself there

Now like with so much of what we do

The irony is used in moderation Insulin has the potential to prevent Type II diabetes – it’s a knife that cuts both ways

If you know how to use it its an antiaging tool

If you don’t yes you if can lead you to Type II Diabetes

That statement is true of most drugs we use..

a little is good for you and a lot will bring you too your knees

Victor Black