On Chemical Uncoupler ( DNP ) Dosing

On Chemical Uncouplers –¬†DNP, FCCP, BAM15, CCCP etc

I have a video about this in the Master Class Area

I think guys misunderstand my posts sometimes, I am not totally opposed to the use of chemical energy uncouplers… in a blanket way..

To me, they are very much akin to site enhancement in so much as a little bit ? sure ok

But if you using Synthol instead of going to the Gym – shame on you ! shame on you !

When 100mg of DNP day raises your Base Metabolic Rate by 11{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16}

Why would anyone in their right mind need to take 400 – 500mg a day ?

Who the fuck needs to elevate their BMR by 55{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16} ?

Getting so close to LD50 that they could actually die yes die…

That just does not make any fuckin sense at all haha

So you’re not doing any dieting I assume?

500 Calories a day deficit.. its what we need

With all the advantages we have as Enhanced Trainers, with all the other stuff we have and use that contributes to fat loss in meaningful ways. Everything we use helps with Bodycomposition – all of it

And here is a drug that is at low dosages offering a BMR increase of 11{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16} but you need to increase yours by 55{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16} ? haha

Makes no sense at all..

A little bit of Synthol? ok whatever

A little bit of a Chemical Uncoupler? ok whatever

But No one needs to build their arms on Synthol – unless they are inherently lazy

and No one needs a 55{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16} increase in BMR in order to wash off bodyfat – unless they are inherently lazy

Victor Black