Building muscle in a deficit Рie body recomposition 

There are a number of reasons that I try to encourage guys to abandon the pursuit of ” building muscle in a deficit” ie body recomposition

It’s not that it’s not possible, and indeed for the overfat beginner I would actually set it as an expectation, but its not ” optimal”

Its not the fastest way to progress

Here is one simple reason

In addition to what you need for ” true maintenance” building muscle is an ” energetically expensive process”

Here are a few of the ” energy sinks” that you are going to have to supply / overcome in order to “grow at a maximum rate”

Chances are if you trying to ” gaintain” you are not training very hard.. cause if you are whats ” fuelling” all this extra “activity” ? air ?

You don’t need to get ” over fat”

But you sure as shit are going to need ” more” calories than when you are dieting or just in maintenance mode

Victor Black