Do androgen receptors down-regulate?

Do androgen receptors down-regulate?

Have you ever been told that testosterone (or any other androgen) would desensitize androgen receptors or ‘burn them out?’ In this video, Dr. Howell puts this myth to rest and shows what the literature evidence holds.


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Breaking Steroid Myths – Androgen Receptor Downregulation

You might have heard this…

” Your Androgen Receptors “downregulate” after prolonged exposure to elevated Androgens.

This results in lowering of Hypertrophic response and means we need to “take a break” so the Androgen Receptors can reset. “

Just a fuck ton of very experienced people think this is true..

You will even hear all sorts of ideas being thrown about regarding how you can take XYZ or do ABC to help offset or mitigate Receptor Downregulation.

There are even those that will tell you that you need to “change drugs” every 8 weeks or so..

Here is what actually happens..

Androgen Receptors upregulate when you engage in Resistance Training – ie as a Natural

Androgen Receptors also upregulate when you engage in Enhancement Practices..

However, we all know that after a while the drugs seem to lose their ” efficacy” in building Tissue for us..

This is why these guys think its downregulation.

But that is NOT what is happening..

What happens is this..

When you take AAS your Androgen Receptors upregulate and there is zero reasons for them to downregulate..

But your body will “limit” progression yes absolutely and it does that by doing this.. see graphic

This graphic shows how after 29 days of administration of either Testosterone or Trenbolone Myostatin protein levels were 197{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16} higher in the ORX + TEST and 209{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16} higher in the ORX + TREN groups when compared to SHAM group.

You really don’t think swapping to Boldenone at that point is going to make that “go away” do you ?

Yes we all know that after a while the drugs seem to lose thier ” efficacy” in building Tissue for us.. but its not because your Androgen Receptors have somehow ” down-regulated” and changing drugs at that point is going to do fuck all..

The answer is Myostatin Inhibition an emerging Science in this domain and that explains why some guys seem to respond ” differently” here.. individualized Myostatin response..

Victor Black