How big are your Muscles by Volume ?

How big are your Muscles by Volume ?

When it comes to Muscle size the average person thinks in terms of ” surface area”

But to really understand Muscle size you must consider ” volume”

and the only way to really understand volume is via disection of cadavers.

We don’t have any data in what I consider to be trained individuals.. and yes I agree is possible that these numbers might skew in highly trained, highly enhanced individuals sure.

But in untrained Men, ie when you are just starting out…

The Quads are by far the largest Muscle Group

Almost 2 x the size of the next closest Muscle Group

Next in volume is a near tie between your Glutes and your Calves !

But lets say Glutes then Calves

The Human Calf by volume is a huge muscle.. if you took a tape measure and measured your calf the should be approx the same as your upper arm, that is your Biceps and your Triceps combined

Then the Hamstrings

Your Delts are the largest Muscle group in the upper Body.. yes yes your Delts

The Traps, Pecs, Triceps and Lats are all give or take basically the same approximate volume

Your Biceps are the baby here, they are smallest major muscle Group here by quite a margin..

Is there a practical application for this ” trivia” ?

Maybe, it depends on if your still allocating attention to Muscle Groups based on your perception of their size.. I would argue many many do..


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