DHT is NOT the enemy…

DHT is NOT the enemy…

For years I have been on the soapbox telling guys that Estrogen is NOT the enemy…

That the use of Ai’s is not only not required that its detrimental to your health.

Yes I agree I have not been the only voice, but often just like you will see here I am usually one of the first.. ( who else right now is saying ” DHT is not the enemy” – wait they will start soon..

Today I feel enough guys are talking about Ai’s and I can move onto the next task.

DHT is NOT the enemy…

There are entire tribes of guys that want convince you DHT is is at the root of all evil in our World, that it must be wiped from the face of Earth.

Nothing could be further from the truth

Just like every other Hormone in the Human Endocrine System DHT ” does stuff “

Important stuff, and when it too low or too high bad shit happens

Here we can see the relationship between Cardio Vascular Disease and DHT levels

Just like all other Hormones an inverted J-Curve exists here

Too much – bad things happen
Too little – bad things happen

If you are not a fan of Testosterone thats fine.. so use the smallest amount possible..

A base level of Testosterone as little as 100 – 150mg a week by IM gives you ” enough E2 and DHT” to stay in the ‘ acceptable zone”


Victor Black