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Steroids and your Brain on the Victor Black Podcast with Guest Dr William Wallace Phd

On Todays Victor Black Master Class Podcast we are reopening the discussion around the growing body of evidence we have to consider re the use of Androgens and other PEDs and both the potential beneficial and detrimental impacts on Brain Health.

When I say beneficial, its fair to say that Hypo Hormonal States are correlated with Cognitive Dysfunction and Aging however we also are at the point of having enough evidence to say its also cold hard reality that High to Abusive Levels of Androgen and HGH and Insulin Use place us at elevated Brain Health risk due to our behaviors.

We are joined by special Expert Guest Dr William Wallace Phd

Dr Wallace is a Sport and Longevity Supplement Scientist with a Doctorate in Health and Human Performance with a focus on Nutritional Supplementation and Neuroscience and specializes in understanding how different compounds we take in or are exposed to affect the Brain

In this Podcast we covered

1, What does the current body of evidence have to say here?

2, Correlation VS Causation in Observational Studies ?

3, The plausible Neurotoxic effects of various Enhancement Behaviors ?

Elevated Insulin Resistance
Elevated Oxidative Stress
Neural Inflammation
Elevated levels of Angiotensin II
Impaired Mitochondrial Activity
Neurotransmitter Imbalance