Standing VS Seated Work Desks Pros and Cons – Weight Loss ?

Yesterday my new Standing / Seated Desk Riser was delivered from Standing Desk Thailand

I thought I would just make a few comments here re standing Desks

Like almost everything there a Ying and a Yang to Standing desks

Additional Caloric Expenditure ? 

NO they don’t contribute 2 tenths of fuck all to calorie expenditure as many claim

About 8 calories an hour more than sitting at your Desk

Yes there are potential issues with Standing for long periods of Time

By the two-hour mark most people experienced a weakened mental state, increased swelling in the lower limbs, and overall body discomfort.

Fine motor skills are typically best performed seated
However there is a definite increase in cognitive function for most people when they stand… ie you tend to think better on your feet.
I see this as a tool that allows you to do both.. 

Seated and Standing.. as you choose

I will be choosing to stand when I ” read” studies etc and when I need to think critically.
I puchased mine here for approx $250 USD delivered.
Victor Black