SARMs VS Steroids Side Effects, are SARMs really safe ? SARMs Education | LGD-4033 Sides.

On the Victor Black Podcast this week we have Special Guest Thomas Cardaci PhD Student from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Thomas is joining us to present some of the data from his Lead on a SARM and GH secretagogue use Case Study – 10mg Day LGD-4033 for 5 weeks this is 10 x the dosages tested in Humans.

They collected data on body composition, health-related blood markers, and muscle androgenic hormone and receptor content following a protocol of 10mg LGD-4033 and 15 mg of MK677 for 5 weeks

We discuss the finding on this case study and in

Title: Considerations, Possible Contraindications, and Potential Mechanisms for Deleterious Effect in Recreational and Athletic Use of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) in Lieu of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids: A Narrative Review

Authors: Steven B. Machek, , Thomas, D. Cardaci, Dylan, T. Wilburn, , & Darryn, S. Willoughby

And this Case Study – click on image for full sizeĀ 

High level outcomes ?

Robust Increases in Lean Body Mass – yes

Negative impacts on

Bone Mineral Density
Blood Lipids – HDL suppression 36%
Liver Enzyme Elevation

Minimal impact on Renal and Haematological markers

FSH and Lipid Profile was disrupted both post and 4 weeks post cycle

We are starting to see credible evidence to support or refute the viability of using SARMs and Secretagogues as PEDs in Men

I have long maintained

Non Steroidal SARMs MUST be held up against Steroidal SARMs and compared for efficacy and safety profile

We will get into the weeds re results seen on the call but as a heads up..

Steroid like results without Steroid side effects ?

Ah no..