Red Blood Cell ( Hematocrit ) Elevation consequential to Testosterone Therapy


  • Erythrocytosis Following Testosterone Therapy – An Introduction
  • Pathophysiology of Testosterone-Induced Erythrocytosis. Why does it happen ?
  • Erythrocytosis – Risks to your Health ?
  • Dr Neal Rousier Video – Testosterone induced Erythrocytosis does not need phlebotomy-blood letting-for Hemochromatosis
  • Is the Blood that is removed when you undergo Therapeutic Phlebotomy used for Blood Transfusions ?
  • Elevated Hematocrit Levels.. and what to do about it.. Victor Black Video
  • Why I am not a fan of Donating Blood as a means of controlling Hematocrit and Hemoglobin.
  • How Testosterone Induced Erythrocytosis affects Older Men vs Younger Men
  • Testosterone formulations and their impact on Erythrocytosis – Gels VS Oral Testosterone VS IM admin
  • Hematocrit Genetics – Hematocrit levels are influenced by your genes
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) Testing – What we ask for at the Pathology Lab and what the Test Results will look like.
  • Face Flushing and other signs your Hematocrit might be elevated
  • Strategies to control Hematocrit 1 – ” Relative Erythrocyte ” vs ” Absolute Erythrocyte” Elevation
  • Foods you can eat to reduce Hematocrit
  • Renin-angiotensin system inhibitors Actively lowers Hematocrit Part 1 .
  • Renin-angiotensin system inhibitors linked to Anemia – Meta Analysis
  • Finasteride in Management of Elevated Red Blood Cells ?
  • How to plan a ” heavier “than TRT AAS Cycle to avoid Elevations in Hematocrit – Summary Action Plan 

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