Ok finally I feel we have gotten far enough to start to talk about ‘ how” we might use SARMs as a PED “ effectively”

Let’s look at one of the more powerful SARM RAD-140

Alone the compound just doesn’t stand up to low low levels of Testosterone for safety profile or clinically efficacy literally it gets smoked.

So in a battle for either or ?

Meh no contest, however… what about Test P and RAD-140 ?

In one of the few studies we have on RAD-140, remeber its never been tested in a Human

In a Rat Model we have seen you would need to take 3mg of RAD-140 for every 1mg Testosterone Propionate.

When converted to a Human Dosage that is

Testosterone Prop

1mg/kg x 0.162 = 0.162 x 100kg Male = 16.2mg a day Test P – 113mg a week


3mg/kg x 0,162 = 0.486 mg x 100 kg = 48.6mg a day RAD140

So 48mg a day of RAD140 ( 336mg a week ) is approximately the same as 113 mg TP a week in terms of Anabolic Impact ( on Rat Tissue ) .

Hell 100mg a Test aint much

Now the advantage here would be because unlike S23, RAD140 actually does exhibit a very high degree of Tissue selectively you would still have a lesser effect on the Prostate at the much higher dosage.

yes there are ton of things that RAD-140 might do far worse than Test P at that dosage but even at 3 times the dosage its more tissue selective than TP – you can’t ignore that.. its very interesting.

That is the mark of a true SARM – significant Tissue selectivity

Now look at what 10mg/kg of RAD-140 does when its combined with 1mg/kg Test P, for this is where it gets interesting

In a Rat Model combining 1mg/kg TP with 10 mg/kg RAD140 actually produces a moderate total increase in Skeletal Muscle Gains and here read this carefully for its important ” a reduction in impact on the Prostate ”

Now that is very interesting for no AAS will do that.

From the results shown it is apparent that a high dose of RAD140 ( at 10mg/kg,po in a Rat) actually antagonizes the effect of TP at 1mg/kg on the seminal vesicles but adds to the effect of TP on the levator ani muscle.

So what would that mean for us

Male taking 113 mg a week Testosterone

+ 10mg/kg x 0.162 = 1.62 mg/kg of RAD 140 = 162mg a day

Would actually plausibly get better outcomes than TP alone and you would reduce the impact on the Prostate.

The only real issue here is ?

Well the dosage involved for the moderate return on offer.

However in the study on RAD-140 it says

We were able to ascertain the effective dose for achieving antagonism by RAD140 is 0.3-1 mg/kg (po) for 1 mg/kg TP (sc)(data not shown). and In the prostate, RAD140 also caused a downward trend in the stimulation by TP, but the change did not reach statistical significance

So here is the first plausible use of a SARM as a compound layered ontop of Testosterone that actually raises the total Anabolic potential and lowers the Androgenic Potential lower than just using the Test P alone

and that is interesting – again for no Steroid can do that

Here is where all the Bruhs jump up wanting to know ” how much T V RAD-140″ ah welcome to the World of Research Chemicals Bruh

There are NO studies in Humans, not one..

Opinions only

Victor Black